Guiding Towards Quality
Quality management in the IVF laboratory underpins a successful clinic. Managing the quality of laboratory processes leads to improved results and a greater confidence for clinicians and patients.
As a result of this global expansion boosted with cutting edge technologies, quality management and risk management is becoming increasingly important for running IVF clinics, and consequently it is fast becoming "prime debatable topic".
should operate, according to ICMR guidelines and should reflect modern awareness of our professional and commercial environment, and should embrac spermfuse


To maintain ambient quality there are certain vital parameters like particle count, filter integrity test, air velocity, temperature, humidity and CO2 for incubators which need to be kept under a constant check as they can harm the gametes and embryos, ultimately compromising the results.

On-Site Calibration Services Include

Filter Integrity Test

Particle count Test

Hygiene Test

CO2 gas calibration for IVF incubators only

Temperature calibration

Meeting Standards

Calibrate your instruments to meet the latest international standards and you can be assured that your data and instruments are more readily accepted locally as well as globally. Our services are designed to ensure that your equipments fulfill the requirements of an ideal IVF lab.