Octax - Eyeware™ Imaging Software
OCTAX - Eyeware™ Imaging Software

Eyeware Imaging SoftwareOCTAX EyeWare™ Basic is an imaging and archival software which combines ease of use and functionality in controlling accessories of your microscope. The OCTAX Eye™ digital camera delivers images of highest quality, assuring authentic documentation. The integrated database links images and videos to patient data and comments by just a few mouse clicks, helping you to keep the track.  
OCTAX EyeWare™ and OCTAX Eye™ high resolution USB2.0 camera form the basis for operating the modules of the OCTAX family: the Laser Shot system for microdrilling of the zona pellucida, the polarAIDE system for spindle and zona analysis, OCTAX cytoScreen for IMSI and many more. The OCTAX EyeWare™ MX edition offers a variety of additional features like multi-camera support, export / import functions, time-lapse video capture, digital video recorder, live video streaming. The software is compatible with PCs running Win 2000 Professional, Win XP, Win Vista or Windows 7.   


Quick, easy and time-saving operation adapted to IVF routine requirements

Unique modular concept offering maximum flexibility: combinations of different modules (OCTAX Laser Shot, polarAIDE, cytoScreen etc.) adapt to your individual needs

Highest image quality by OCTAX Eye™ USB2.0 camera

Includes integrated database, accurate measurement tool, Quick snapshot function

Advanced features available in OCTAX EyeWare™ MX

pH Online™ sensor dishes: disposable dish with integrated, pre-calibrated pH sensor spot

pH Online™ sensor unit for contact-free pH monitoring

CO2 sensors for incubators

Temperature loggers for incubators, freezers and fridges

Ultra-low temperature loggers for LN2 storage tanks

External alarm devices (flash light, horn)

OCTAX - Eyeware™

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