Okolab - T Glass Plate
T Glass Plate

Accurate temperature controls & uniformity.

Guarantee on breakage of glass

500 micron glass thickness

Suitable for all leading microscopes

Auto calibration procedure

State of ART touch screen controller

External temperature sensor for calibration

Made in Europe

The heated glass insert fits into the microscope XY stages with circular opening and provides a transparent and flat surface at controlled temperature where the specimen can be placed and moved without any obstacle. 

T Glass Plate


The combined action of the conductive glass with built in temperature sensor and of the state-of-the-art PID controller with 3.2" touch screen and advanced calibration routine ensures the highest accuracy on specimen temperature.

Controller (H401-T-BL-DUAL)

H401-GLASS-PLATE-R108 is controllerd by a modern PID controller with a 3.2" Touch Screen to offer accuracy and simplicity of use at the same time.Controller and Plate are connected with a fast connector that allows easy replacement of the Plate.

Self Calibration Routine

The self calibration is performed by introducing External Temperature Sensor in the  a Petri placed on the Plate and by selecting Self Calibration from the Touch Screen. The controller will adjust the temperature of the Plate in order to keep the specimen at 37°C, right in your lab. The SENSOR LID can be employed for easy coupling of the Temeprature Sensor with the Petri.

Glass thickness: 0.5 mm

Temperature range: ambient to 40°C

Temperature sensor accuracy: ± 0.1°C

Controller H401-T-BL-DUAL

Temperature accuracy on specimen: ± 0.1 °C, after self calibration

Plate Diameter: 108 or 110 mm

External Temperature Sensor for Calibration

Auto - Calibration routine 

3,2" Touch Screen Controller

Suspension brackets for zero foot print installation of the controller

RS232 for data logging (Optional)

Data Logger (Optional)

Controller features

Independent control of to 2 devices

Set point value from room Temperature to 50°C

Intuitive 3.2" Touch Screen Display

Self calibration routine

Independent calibration of each device

External k-type thermocouple for self calibration routines - included

Start up protocol with tunable heating rate (°C/min)

Data Logging software

Communication protocol available upon request

RS232 to PC

External Power Feeder 24V DC 60W - included

Dimensions: 84x125x164 mm

Communication protocol available upon request

Zero Footprint, if attached with supplied suspension brackets


Controller (H401-T-BL-DUAL)

User Manual

Power cord

Calibration sensor with Extension wire