OCTAX - NaviLase TM
OCTAX - NaviLaseTM

The new OCTAX NaviLaseTM evolves from the enduring success story of the OCTAX Laser ShotTMsystem. OCTAX NaviLaseTMcombines proven safety and innovative laser motion technology. Adapted to a modern IVF microscope, OCTAX NaviLaseTMoperates in your mode of choice, either statically or dynamically without any need for recalibration. Just navigate the mouse cursor to any place within the working area on the monitor - and NaviLaseTM will take its action: fast, accurate and reproducible.

OCTAX NaviLaseTM can be used for major laser-based applications:


(differential interference contrast) optics. Combining a 60x "dry" objective with our OCTAX high resolution USB2.0 camera provides excellent image quality and disburdens you from cleaning oil immersion objective after every procedure.

zona drilling

zona thinning

Polar body biopsy

Blastomer biopsy

Trophectoderm biopsy

Artificial collapsing of blastocysts

With its capability of placing multiple shots arranged in straight or curved lines, OCTAX NaviLaseTM takes primary applications in the IVF lab to the next level. Just mark the area to be cut with a line on the monitor and adjust the hole size - OCTAX NaviLaseTM will do the rest for you. OCTAX NaviLaseTM stands for more automated processing resulting in a shorter time out of the incubator, more constant results and less variability.

A newly designed graphical user interface further improves and complements the functionality of OCTAX EyeWareTM, the multi-purpose imaging software platform which controls OCTAX NaviLaseTM. The software comes with a SQL server data base for powerful administration of images, video files and patient data. Providing interfaces to other OCTAX lab analysis tools like the OCTAX cytoScreenTM IMSI system and the OCTAX polarAIDETM polarization microscopy system, OCTAX EyeWareTM allows to instantly switch between applications – without any need for multiple cameras or software products.

Movable single / multi-pulse modes for all relevant applications


Stand-alone or upgrade to existing OCTAX Laser Shot TM systems

Supported by the OCTAX EyeWareTM platform

Based on the proven safety concept of OCTAX Laser Shot TM

Optical versatility: 25x and 40x laser lens


User Manual

USB Cable

Software CD