MTG - OCTAX Adaptive Electronic Condensor
OCTAX Adaptive Electronic Condensor    

Traditionally, the contrast patterns of microscope condensers have to be actively selected by the operator. Adjusting conventional condensers to different applications as well as aligning the inserts of those condensers can be cumbersome.

In search of making A.R.T. microscopy most user-friendly, OCTAX has developed the Adaptive Electronic CondenserTM.


Suitable for Hoffman modulation contrast, relief contrast and phase contrast objectives

Easy change between contrast patterns by touch keys

Head-up display shows active aperture pattern in clear text

OCTAX Adaptive Electronic Condensor

Integration with OCTAX EyeWareTM

Auto adjust function with IMSI ( cytoScreenTM ) and polarization microscopy ( polar AIDETM ) for optimum image quality and unmatched ease of use

No moving parts

Easy, software-based alignment

Long working distance (40 mm)

High NA for optimum optical resolution

Integrated circular polarizer

Integrated infrared filter for improved image quality and protection of embryos

Octax Adaptive Electronic CondensorTM

Bulb for condenser

USB cord

2 Pin plug for direct supply to condenser