Proiser Computer Aided Sperm Analysis
Computer Aided Sperm Analysis

CASA systems have more than 25 years in the market, but have not achieved the level of implementation that was assumed at the beginning. This is due to its considerable versatility and its low cost.

Therefore, the name of Integrated Semen Analysis System (ISAS®) was chosen with the intention to make our desire to develop a truly integrated system that includes all components of the semen analysis, adapting to the needs of each user.

Computer Aided Sperm Analysis


ISASv1 has been developed as a system that combines tools for use in clinical and research. The areas of application are human and veterinary clinic, scientific research, livestock production and the pharmaceutical and reproductive toxicology.

It can be considered the most complete and easy to use on the market that also operates under different hardware and operating systems as possible to suit the needs of our users system.

ISASv1is specially designed for quality control programs, enabling the use of images (video footage or photo collections for motility and morphology, respectively).

The team is completely modular, so each module can operate both independently and jointly.

Mobility :

Get with a single click, instantly and in an objective, detailed mobility and concentration results in a comprehensive report.

Morphology :

Get after an automatic or manual capture, in real time, a morphometric and morphologic very precise information for each sperm.

Concentration :

Calculate the concentration of a sperm sample, after fixing the cells and using a hemocytometer and counting chamber.

Fragmentation :

Analyze halos and cores after preparation of the samples for the study of DNA fragmentation by providing detailed numerical values of each cell.


ISASLab is ideal for routine clinical analysis of human semen tool

ISASLab analysis allows different options to suit your needs:

10x mobility and concentration under phase contrast

Mobility, concentration, and basic morphology under phase contrast 20x

Complete morphology following the WHO criteria after staining and observation at 40x brightfield

Reliable and reproducible

Fast analysis

Motility with phase contrast or epi-fluorescence

Concentration with phase contrast or epi-fluorescence

Morphometry: Head, Midpiece, Acrosome

Capturing from different media formats (vi, wmv, mpg, dvd...)

DNA fragmentation and vitality analysis using fluorescence

LED Light

Generating report in Excel format

Report generating as per the latest WH0 criteria

Casa Systems ISAS V1

Casa Systems ISAS Lab

User manual

Full ISAS CASA System composed by ISAS software

UB203i phase contrast microscope with epi-fluorescece and heated stage

heated stage controller, camera and computer

Coming soon