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The ISAS product family for seminal analysis grows with a new tool that improves substantially preexisting counting chambers. Following the semen droplet displacement procedure, Spermtrack, eliminates most disadvantages presented by less efficient products found in the market. Spermtrack design facilitates its use in the microscope and also during cleaning, manipulation and storing.


10/20 microns

Spermtrack 10, a chamber of 10µm depth for human traditional clinical analysis. Spermtrack 20 with 20µm follows the latest recommendations of WHO laboratory manual 2010, and also extends its use for veterinary purposes, due to the more natural freedom of sperm cell.


Independent series numbers on the cover and the chamber, allow a full traceability under ISO 13485 standards. Reliability and security.

Optical quality

Spermtrack is less thick than other similar products. The condenser light from the microscope arrives to the sample much more focused, improving the optical quality and preventing the generation of common visual artifacts in other devices.

Spermtrack - The new counting chamber - 10 microns

Spermtrack - The new counting chamber - 20 microns

User Manual

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