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emCell work chambers are microscopical work areas that provide long term stable environment for handling gametes, oocytes, embryos, stem cells and other tissues dependent on a controlled environment. emCell work chambers have been developed in conjunction with leading IVF laboratories and knowledge gained from a decade of manufacture of the popular HD IVF Chamber.

emCell work chambers provide
CO2 controlled atmosphere with latest infra red CO2 technology to maintain the PH of media and culture solutions


Uniform temperature within the enclosed area for safe long term microscopical evaluation.

Humidified work area preventing desiccation of tissue.

Fan circulated HEPA filtered air, providing culture and operator safety from microbiological and viral organisms

Carbon filtered circulation, VOC free atmosphere for safe embryo development.

Ergonomically designed for lab bench operation,or with 2 types optional mobile trolleys, which are height adjustable, for seated or standing operation.

Unique on/off timer to conserve CO2 and power and be in operation and ready as required.

A balanced centrifugal fan air circulation. Airflow passes over the water tray, through microscope area, then is filtered by HEPA and Charcoal filter and returned without vibration to the microscope area.

The emCell-i is designed to accommodate inverted tissue culture microscopes from varied manufactures. The chamber and base is large enough to simultaneously hold microscope with dual micromanipulation instruments, (ICSI) lasers (PGD), CCTV cameras and accessories (video Imaging). The unique sturdy design of the base allows vibration free operation at high magnification all under the strictly controlled fan circulated environment.

Thermal blocks Aluminium, for 12x17 mm dia tubes

Neoprene foam seal 12x4.5mm thick/meter

Fibre optic light system 150 Watt module

Fibre optic light lead with angle block, acrylic clamp, 1000mm with 13.98 mm dia

emCell-s canopy with dual arm port holes, swing-down front door, stereo microscope opening, hinged tube access port left

Microscope Membrane spacer 340x260x10 mm high, width of holder 20 mm

Membrane Holder 340x260x6mm high, width of holder 20 mm

Silicone Rubber membrane for microscope (white) 340x260x1.5 mm

Silicone rubber base sheet 630x460x1.5 mm, white.

Silicone rubber door seal No 1324, white, per mter

Silicone rubber CO2 gas tubing 4.8MM ID (Per Meter)

CO2 Line filter (dry)

Arm Port Iris complete with cuffs

Door Pawl compression type E3 style

Hinges stainless steel (door) emCell-s

Microscope Surround Bases

Nikon acrylic surround base shelf with lip for SZ microscope and C-DS stand S with pipette racks (Requires IV MA AKY 35 spacer)

Microscope base spacer for short pillar scopes


User manual

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