Ketan - INCU safe CO<sub>2</sub> Regulator
INCU safe CO2 Regulator

It is sturdy variable regulator with a precise control for working with low pressure

It has metallic diaphragm making it unsusceptible to any chemical reaction to the gas

Polycarbonate knob making it user friendly

Metallic body making it sturdy

Dual gauge displaying cylinder pressure and output working pressure

Available suitable to CO2 and N2 cylinders

Suitable to all standard cylinders

Ketan - INCU safe CO2 Regulator

Metallic Diaphragm avoiding any type reaction with gases

Long Life

Designed with variable working pressure suitable to any brands of incubators used in IVF

Metallic body making it sturdy

Dual Gauge, displaying Cylinder pressure and delivery pressure

Double Stage giving independent control of flow of cylinder and flow towards instrument

Adaptable to all Indian brands of CO2 cylinder

INCU safe CO2 Regulator

6mm Nozzle

4mm Nozzle