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pH Online

pH is one of the most critical parameters regarding the performance of culture media. The embryo´s internal pH which is known to regulate various metabolic and transport processes can only be maintained in an appropriate environment. Typically, checking media pH by conventional pH meters is too cumbersome and time-consuming to be done in regular intervals.

pH OnlineTM is able to continuously monitor media pH in a reference dish placed in the incubator. Measurement is based on a non-contact, internally referenced dual luminophore technology which has huge advantages over conventional pH electrodes.

pH Online

No pH drift


Easy to use

Disposable sensor dishes - no cleaning or sterilization

Unique sensor technology for long term measurement

pH OnlineTM

User Manual

Disposable Sensor Dishes

Communication cable

heat Resistant optical fiber 75 cm

Holding Rack for sensor Dishes

Octax Log & Guard controller