Nikon - E200-Bino / E200-Trino
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The Eclipse E200-LED is a built-to-last, top-quality biological microscope ideal for basic laboratory use or as a student microscope for educational purposes. With its newly developed LED Eco-Illumination system, the laboratory microscope produces brighter, sharper, crisper, and clearer images for a noticeably enhanced view. Best of all, the Eclipse E200-LED maintains the same operational ease and rigidity common to all Nikon microscopes and is compatible with many accessories for higher-grade Eclipse series microscopes.


Enhanced LED Eco-Illumination

Crystal-clear Images with CFI60 optics

Ergonomic Design Ensures Comfortable Operation

Improved Eyepiece Tube


Upper Limit Stopper

Unique Refocusing Stage

Revolving Nosepiece

Adjustable Binocular Tube Reduces Strain

E - 200 - Bino / E - 200 - Trino

User manuals


Power cord

Dust cover

Allen Key