Coda Air - VOC Remover
VOC Remover

Coda Air is only clinically tested and proven high performance VOC Filtration Technology for safe use in IVF Laboratories. The air quality in ART laboratories is an important factor for human embryo development. Coda Air product have been used successfully worldwide & have been proven to reduce the contamination level of most gasses by up to 99.7% and in some cases virtually eliminate 100% of unwanted VOCs.

Coda Air - VOC Remover

Coda Air effectively removes VOCs. VOC are to small to be removed by HEPA Filtration alone

Build in Air Systems with positive pressure do not provide the complete solution to remove VOCs. Coda offers addictive effect to air filtration in IVF laboratories for maximum filtration of VOCs

Coda is an important line of defense in case of mechanical failure of any central system in the IVF laboratory

VOCs can have significant detrimental effects on human embryos

Coda ECO 1200 is accompanied with annual filter kit which covers the area of 800-1800 sq. ft. with an effective air exchange or 8-27 times per hour

Coda Aero 500 covers the area of 300-600 sq. ft. with an air exchange of 8-14 times per hour

CODA® AERO 500 - 230V

CODA® ECO 1200 - 230V

CODA® ECO 1500 - 230V

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