Fornax - Mobile Nest

Human oocytes are extremely sensitive towards temperature and modest fluctuations in temperature can cause irreversible disruption of the meiotic spindle, with possible chromosome dispersal. Oocytes subjected to such thermal shocks if used for fertilization can form embryos which can have high proportion of chromosomal abnormalities and this may contribute to the high rates of pre-clinical and spontaneous abortion.

Therefore, temperature control is of paramount importance and should not be compromised in any way right from Ovum Pick Up (OPU) till Embryo Transfer (ET).

Fornax - Mobile Nest

Mobile Nest had designed keeping in mind to carry human oocytes without fluctuation in temperature which can cause irreversible disruption of the meiotic spindle. The rechargeable battery is capable of running for 30 min. at stretch.

Easy grip design allows convenient to handle aspirated follicular fluid in to petri dish for oocyte scanning very easily.

The temperature is continuously maintained with 14 bit accuracy and is corrected several times a second

Mobile nest with its own internal rechargeable battery gives immense mobility and at the same time maintains precise temperature.

The digital programming via microprocessor controls various parameters including temperature and power status

The rechargeable battery is capable of running for 30 minutes at a stretch before it indicates low battery level

Range 2 C above ambient to 40 C , control+ 0.2 C, Stability + 0.1 C , uniformity+ 0.2 C

Battery is available in local market

The drop in temperature while ovum pick up is approximately 2.5 C to 3.0 C. The Mobile nest is ideal to protect the Oocytes

The nest has visual Red and Green LED communication for status ans alarm.

MN430 100 120 Volts 60Hz

MN430 220 240 Volts 50Hz

04 nos Battery

User Manual

Screw Driver