Rocket Medical - Craft Suction Pump
Craft Suction Pump

The Rocket CraftSuction Pump and the Rocket DUO-VACSuction Pump have been developed to provide smooth, low volume vacuum at pre-determined negative pressures, so allowing simple, low turbulence, oocyte recovery.

Craft Suction Pump

Highly Reliable: Rocket CraftSuction Pumps have a proven 20 year history of long service, low maintenance and excellent value

Two Versions: CraftSuction Pump with manual high vacuum control and DUO VAC™ with foot controlled high vacuum to meet your individual needs

Simply, Safe Operation with air-operated foot controls

Super quiet pumps make the Rocket Craft™ range very easy to live with in the operating room

Fully variable vacuum from 0-400 mmHg for complete control during aspiration

Water trap set prevents accidental aspiration of fluids into the vacuum unit

Single use water trap set provides cost effective solution to tiresome reprocessing of reusable traps and tubing

Rockct® Craft™ Suction Pump - 240V/50Hz - R29655

Rockct® Craft™ Suction Pump - 120V/60Hz - R29654

Rockct® Craft™ DUO-VAC Suction Pump - 240V/50Hz - R29660

Rockct® Craft™ DUO-VAC Suction Pump - 120V/60Hz - R29661

User Manual

Power cord

Filter connection set