HD Scientific emcell-s

The emCell-S is designed to accomodate most current models of stereo microscopes. The inbuilt illumination provides excellent cold light via a fibre optic lead to the microscope stage.

emCell-s complete control module with facility for inbuilt fibre optic illumination and base for stereo microscope. 220-240 Volt 50Hz.emCell-s complete control module with facility for inbuilt fibre optic illumination and base for stereo microscope 110-115 Volt 50 / 60Hz.

Thermal blocks Aluminium, for 12x17mm dia tubes. Neoprene foam seal 12x4.5mm thick/meter. Fibre optic light system 150 Watt module.Fibre optic light lead with angle block, acrylic clamp, 1000mm with 13.98mm dia.emCell-s canopy with dual arm port holes, swing-down front door, stereo microscope opening,


hinged tube access port left. Microscope Membrane spacer 340x260x10mm high, width of holder 20mm. Membrane Holder 340x260x6mm high, width of holder 20mm. Silicone Rubber membrane for microscope (white) 340x260x1.5mm. Silicone rubber base sheet 630x460x1.5mm, white. Silicone rubber door seal No 1324, white, per meter. Silicone rubber CO2 gas tubing 4.8MM ID (Per Meter). CO2 Line filter (dry). Arm Port Iris complete with cuffs. Door Pawl compression type E3 STYLE. Hinges stainless steel (door) emCell-s.

Microscope Surround Bases

Nikon acrylic surround base shelf with lip for SZ microscope and C-DS stand S with pipette racks (Requires IV MA AKY 35 spacer). Microscope base spacer for short pillar scopes.

emCell-S microscope work station for stereo microscopic observation in a controlled environment of temperature, CO2 and humidity. For seated or standing mobile operation with optional height adjustable trolleys. Circulated air, HePa and Charcoal filtered environment equivalent to class 100

Controller components include:

Control instrument with balanced centrifugal fan

Inbuilt fibre optic light source 150 Watt 21 Volt

Flexible fibre optic light guide.

24 hour delay start timer

Infra-red CO2 sensor

Microprocessor controlled temperature management.

2 x Digital set/displays for temperature+CO2

HePa filter

Activated charcoal filter

CO2 inlet valve

Chamber clamping device with key.

Acrylic chamber for stereo microscopes includes:

Stainless steel base with air flow ducts

Removable humidity water tray

Hinged access door for blocks (Right side)

2 Pipette hanging racks left and right.

Large hinged access door

Dual Iris arm ports

3 x Unique door compression locks

Microscope head opening port

Membrane clamp

Microscope membrane to suit microscope.


Standard accessories :

olympus Acrylic surround base shelf with lip for SZ2-ILA (6040/SZ51-61) --IV MA CEL-S SZ2-ILA

Microscope base spacer for short pillar scopes---IV MA AKY 35

Fibre Optic Light source adapters

Fibre optic block adapter for Nikon SMZ 1000 illumination base C-DSS230 (block) --IV TD NIK C-DSS

Standard accessories include :

Silicone base mat

2 x Aluminium warming blocks

Controller securing key

2 meters inert plastic tubing for CO2 line with 0.2um filter.

Instruction manual

EC Power lead

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