OCTAX – OCTAX Log & Guard TM
OCTAX - Log & GuardTM

OCTAX Log & GuardTM is the first monitoring and alarming system which has been specially designed to cover all needs of assisted reproduction. OCTAX Log & GuardTM takes independent measurements through peripheral temperature, pH or CO2 sensors and saves all values to an internal flash memory. It raises alarm if any of the values leaves the pre-defined normal range. Alarming can be done via acoustical and optical signals or by sending text messages to up to three mobile phones of your choice.

OCTAX Log & GuardTM is independent of any PC. Visualization and download of logged data as well as

OCTAX - Log Guard

easy channel management is done via web interface from any PC in your intranet.

Web interface based access

Remote alarming via text message

Easy and individual configuration of sensor channels

Highly flexible and expandable

OCTAX Log & GuardTM

User Manual

CO2 sensors for incubators

tremperature loggers for incubators, freezers and fridges

Ultra-low temperature loggers for LN2 storage tanks

Log & Guard Central Unit

Suitable cable & USB cable

pH Online™ sensor dishes:

disposable dish with integrated

pre-calibrated pH sensor spot

pH Online™ sensor

unit for contact-free pH monitoring