ICSI Injection Pipettes
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ICSI Injection Pipettes
Wallace® ICSI Injection Pipettes are used to perform intracytoplasmic sperm injection [ICSI].

Wallace® offers three types of ICSI injection pipettes for our diverse customer requirements:

ICSI Injection Pipettes
  • V Series :short tapes, long parallel wall section, less damage to oocyte & better fertilisation
  • W Series :short tapes, no parallel wall
  • H Series :long tapes, no parallel wall

ICSI Holding Pipettes
Wallace® ICSI Holding Pipettes are used to hold an oocyte or an embryo in position during ICSI and other micromanipulation procedures.

There are two series and four sizes for selection. The classic series has an ID of 20μm and OD of 90μm, 100μm and 120μm. The ‘B’ series has an ID of 30μm and OD of 120μm and 130μm

All our holding pipettes are supplied with tip angles ranging from 0-45°* and a tip to elbow length of 650μm.

ICSI Holding Pipette

ICSI Injection Pipettes

V Series - WIC-45V-30

V Series - WIC-45V-30L

V Series - WIC-50V-20

V Series - WIC-50V-25

V Series - WIC-50V-30

V Series - WIC-50V-30L

V Series - WIC-50V-35

V Series - WIC-55V-25

V Series - WIC-55V-30

V Series - WIC-55V-35

W Series - WIC-45W-30

W Series - WIC-50W-25

W Series - WIC-50W-30

W Series - WIC-50W-35

W Series - WIC-55W-30

H Series - WIC-45H-30

H Series - WIC-50H-20

H Series - WIC-50H-25

H Series - WIC-50H-30

H Series - WIC-50H-35

H Series - WIC-55H-25

H Series - WIC-55H-35

ICSI Holding Pipettes

ICSI Holding Pipettes - WHP-100-20

ICSI Holding Pipettes - WHP-100-25

ICSI Holding Pipettes - WHP-100-30

ICSI Holding Pipettes - WHP-100-35

ICSI Holding Pipettes - WHP-120-25

ICSI Holding Pipettes - WHP-120-30

ICSI Holding Pipettes - WHP-120-30

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